Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Puffin On My Side - Lech-lecha

As far as Italian instrumental music goes, Alessio Mecozzi is a pretty big name. Not only the founding member and guitarist for band Mokadelic, but he is the sole member and writer for Puffin On My Side, a primarily ambient post-rock project. The overall feeling of this album fluctuates between the mellow ambiance of something like Circadian Eyes or even something like The Album Leaf, to dark and brooding, similar to something like Seven Mile Journey, or Tides from Nebula. There are some really cool sounds that come out of this album, though, even if one thinks the demeanor consistency leaves something to be desired. For example, on "Hard city Heart", the synth drums and guitar blend fantastically well, to form a backdrop for the main, mellow piano melody, creating an absolutely and flawlessly amazing soundscape in that moment. That portion of the song makes the album for me, creating chords so powerfully moving that it really gives some sort of permanent feeling about the release. There are quite a few more really well-orchestrated moments as well, tying each song together in little delicate streams, creating some fluidity and connection between the varying feels between each song. Post-rockers and fans alike should check this one out, for a little dabble in expe itrimentation, raw emotion, and brilliant orchestration.

You can get pick up the release on the band's Bandcamp page here.
If you feel so inclined, you can contribute to the effort by picking up the hard-copy of the CD, and checking out their other releases, at their online store here.

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