Friday, May 27, 2011

Hidden Pictures - Synchronized Sleeping

It's 85 degrees outside, and I feel like just laying in the sun and listening to music. This is the time of year when upbeat, beachy music is exactly what many people are looking for. Hidden Pictures' new album Synchronized Sleeping is perfect for those situations. Compared to She & Him due to the shared male and female vocal harmonies, the record simply sounds like summer. The guitars have a surf rock sound to them, and the heavily used glockenspiel adds a positive touch to the record. But Synchronized Sleeping is more than just a simple summer rock album, as song writer, producer, vocalist, and guitarist Richard Gintowt heavily orchestrates many of the tracks, including segments of saxophone, cello, viola, and trombone. At the core of it all, Hidden Pictures is a pop band, constructing sweet hooks to go in front of the tan inducing instrumentation. Get your swim suit on, apply sunscreen (important!), and  listen to Synchronized Sleeping through your headphones. Summer is going to be great. You can stream the entire album (on purchase Tuesday, May 31st) on the band's Bandcamp page here.

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