Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lydia Return and The Cinema Appear

After teasing Lydia fans with ambiguous twitter messages, the indie-pop group (duo?) consisting of lead singer Leighton Antelman and drummer Craig Taylor are set to head back into the studio to continue the band's career soon. As Antelman and Taylor are apparently the only individuals behind the band at the moment, it's difficult to tell whether or not the sound of Assailants will be continued, but it's nice to see the group responsible for Illuminate back in the saddle and making music again. While the news is now buzzing about Lydia's future, Antelman has also revealed the single from his and Matt Malpass' new project The Cinema and the project's new song "Kill It." The song sounds extraordinarily like, you guessed it, Lydia. Antelman hasn't strayed very far from his signature murmuring within his croons and Malpass has crafted nothing but a poppy background for Antelman to do his thing in. The song's lack of unique qualities is slightly disappointing considering the duo's excitement surrounding the project, but hopefully Lydia fans can at least be satiated with The Cinema's similarity to the band until Lydia returns with a product in hand. You can find the Alternative Press statement from Antleman here, and the brand new The Cinema song here.

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  1. Wait, really? Those jerks. That was the shortest break up ever.