Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interview With Daniel Rinaldi (Ex Vocalist of Bedlight For Blue Eyes)

Though Bedlight For Blue Eyes broke up back in 2008, vocalist Daniel Rinaldi hasn't disappeared from the scene entirely. He has been writing solo music for an upcoming release, that will begin recording in July. Daniel agreed to speak with us regarding his upcoming music including background as a solo artist, influences, possible release dates, as well as several questions regarding Bedlight For Blue Eyes' break up, label, and the amazing memories he still cherishes. All that and more can be read below.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Daniel Rinaldi, I used to sing in a band called Bedlight For Blue Eyes. I am now a solo artist

Bedlight For Blue Eyes broke up about two and a half years ago. Not much information was given out at the time about the breakup. If you feel comfortable, is there anything you can discuss that made this happen?

We were a band in a changing industry. Bedlight was a band long before I had joined, and we tried our hardest to stay a float. We worked hard everyday and tried to continue on. Nothing dramatic happened, it was just over time I had to walk away in order to keep my passion and love for this industry intact.

Are you still on friendly terms with the rest of the band?

I speak to the guys here and there, and keep each other updated on what’s going on in our lives.

What is one of your favorite memories from the days of Bedlight For Blue Eyes?

The fans and the shows I got to be a part of will always stay with me. We have some amazing and devoted fans that still to this day support me in everything I do. The shows also were just always great, and that also is owed to the great fans we have.

Many people felt that Trustkill really was not the label for you guys. Do you ever wish you could have been with a different label that may have fit you guys more?

Trustkill at the time was clearly a metal/hardcore label. They did the best they could for us. Would we have done better on a "pop" label is something that can always be asked. In my opinion it would have helped us reach more of the target audience we were striving for on the second CD. As we set our gears to a more mainstream pop sound it would have helped. Like I said though Trustkill always did the best they could for us, and I always greatly appreciated it.

What have you been up to over the past two and a half years?

After the break up of Bedlight I did a lot of soul searching. I started in that band at 18 and learned a lot about myself as an artist. So after bouncing around in a few projects the longest being Lannen Fall out of Boston, 2 years later I have decided to come back with a solo debut.

When did you begin to write solo music? Was there a void in your life that you needed to fill once the band broke up?

I started writing solo music June of last year. It's been an ever changing process since then, but now I am going full speed ahead! As soon as the band broke up there was for sure a void. I grew up in that band and to say my life wasn't different after we broke up would be a lie. With this new direction I am taking though those voids do not exist anymore.

What sounds will we be hearing from you? Is it going to feel like an extension of Bedlight For Blue Eyes or an entirely different thing?

This will really be an entirely different thing from Bedlight. Im really pulling from my pop rock and soul roots on these songs. I mean some people who will listen to the music might compare it to Bedlight. I only see that though in the sense of the passion and drive that i brought to it is still there. The new songs will have their own identity and stand on their own.

What artists would you say are inspirations for the new songs?

These artists for many different reasons. Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Steve Moakler, The Script, Hall and Oates. Just the artists that have the ability to write great songs but also know the music that came before them.

When can we expect to hear some of the new music?

Well through out the recording process in July, I will be doing updates. During those updates as the work progresses I will give previews and clips so that fans get a feel for the music. So I'd say sometime in July you'll be able to start to get a feel for what is being created

Is this going to be a full blown LP or just a couple song long EP?

This release will be a 5 song EP.

Is this going to be an independent release? Or are you planning on going back to a record label?

As of right now this will be an independent release. Anything could happen from now until then, but right now this is all diy.

Is there a goal for a release date yet?

Not just yet I finish up at the end of July and will work my hardest to get it out as soon as I can.

This is something you are committing to for the future, right? Is this your full time music plans for years to come?

Yes this is my full time commitment now. I have put so much work into this and have so much support that this is all I see myself doing for a long time or the far future

Any final words?

Thank you to all the fans for supporting me and allowing me to continue doing what I love the most! I am back and not going anywhere to please keep on checking back with me. Facebook, follow me on twitter @drinaldimusic and also subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you all again and thank you Muzik Dizcovery for this opportunity.

Again, I'd like to thank Daniel for speaking with us about his new music. After his experience with Bedlight For Blue Eyes, I have extremely high hopes for his upcoming solo stuff. Please follow him on all the social media above, and he will hopefully releasing some music by the end of the year.

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