Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nazca Lines

It's hard to believe the talent and skill of some groups of people. Nazca lines are pictures drawn in the ground (some over 200 meters long) by ancient Peruvian civilizations. The crazy part is that these enormous pictures were done without pretty much any technology, or any ability to actually see the entire picture. Just like the Nazca people, Nazca Lines (the punk band) is a group of extremely talented individuals, showing off their skills in their artistic field. Reminiscent of bands like At The Drive In, Refused, and Fugazi, the band showcases powerful, heavy guitar riffs  along with emotional shouts a la Cedric Bixler or Geoff Rickly. The band also enlisted the musical genius of The Blood Brothers' guitarist Cody Votolato for extra guitar on a couple of tracks, just adding to the band's widespread sound. These talented boys will be releasing their upcoming album on August 23rd via Stressed Sumo Records, and be sure to check them out on the label's website.

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