Saturday, June 11, 2011

EDiLS Recording - Bear Left (Sampler)

In case you guys didn't know, we have a Facebook fan page. It's usually pretty lonely there, as the wall is covered by nothing but my own posts, with rarely a comment or even a "like" to be seen. No, I am not trying to bring pity on myself (well...maybe), but instead give another great opportunity to you guys. EDiLS Recording left a link to their sampler on the page, and simply seeing the tracklist won me over. Multiple Deep Elm Records bands (including recent favorite Moonlit Sailor), as well as one of my other favorite instrumental bands (Gifts From Enola) stood out instantly on the page, and instantly motivated me to check it out. The indie-rock band Cool World left quite an impression on me as a band to look further in to, while Mark Magill had his own fairly odd, but intriguing electronic based indie sound. But there was no band on the sampler that was below any of the others, and I applaud EDiLS Recordings for getting together such a wide array of excellent music. Even better, the sampler can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp, or if a page click is too difficult for you, streamed on this very page below.

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