Saturday, June 4, 2011


I'd like to welcome Ali to the site. He comes to us from across the pond, and will hopefully guide the European hype machine to us blokes in the States. Let's all play some football (the one with the round white and black ball), and listening to some great music.

Creating hype through factors other than music is hardly a new phenomenon, but even the harshest cynic would admit that Manchester quartet Wu Lyf are making a damn good job of it. By means such as rejecting publicity, withholding their identities and repeatedly deleting their own Wikipedia page, the band have shrouded themselves in utter secrecy, a move which has attracted considerably more column inches and blog space than their actual output.

As good a marketing scheme as it is, this also somewhat unfortunate, since what we have heard from them is well worth getting excited about. Impossible to pigeonhole genrewise, their sound utilises the youthful joy of indie pop, the haunting hymns of gospel and the amateur clatter of lo-fi, with unpredictable samples added for good measure. Luckily, with the release of their debut album imminent, the focus seems set to shift firmly onto that music. It's vibrant, original and just as likely to knock you off your feet as it is to engulf you in it's obscure beauty. Not sold yet? The single Heavy Pop is available to download for free on their page, while the LP, Go Tell Fire On The Mountain drops on June 13th in Europe and August 22nd in the US.

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