Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sister City

Sister City's Carbon Footprint features some pretty poor production, an odd, seemingly homemade album cover, a unique, nasally vocalist, self reflective lyrical humor, and a pop-punk, yet not quite pop-punk style. To me, that sounds a lot like Say Anything's Baseball. Adam Linder compares very similarly to an early Max Bemis, both vocally and musically, as tracks like "Imperative" contain that swing-feel beat that has been heard in many Say Anything songs like "Woe", "Showdown to P-Town", and "Ants In My Pants", while "20" is reminiscent of some of the more upbeat tracks off of Baseball. Linder is also a budding lyrical power, as topics on the album range from subtle mentions of his Jewish ancestors (another Bemis similarity?!?) to personal self-reflections, all put together by witty metaphors. Though Linder may not be as strong a song crafter as Bemis (but really, who is?), there's plenty of potential shown in this mostly solo effort (everything but drums were done by Linder). I mean, nobody knew who Bemis was at this point in his career. This is Sister City's Baseball, now we're simply waiting on their ...Is A Real Boy. And Linder and co. have the potential to make it. You can download the whole album for free on the band's Bandcamp page here, or you can stream it below.

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