Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thrice Announce New Album

It's tough to wander around the internet music scene and not stumble upon Thrice at least once. Thrice are often claimed by many genres: post-hardcore, alternative-rock, progressive, and even Christian rock, so it's easy to see why one would find them literally everywhere. Drawing influences from a number of these sounds, the band have crafted a sound all their own, playing a solid and experimental amalgamation of various styles. Always an act to push the envelope, Thrice consistently add album upon album to their wonderfully diverse and impressive catalog.

The band have recently announced a follow up to their wildly successful 2009 effort, Beggars, entitled Major/Minor. Dustin Kensrue states:
“It’s definitely the most natural progression from record to record that we’ve had in a while. We did The Alchemy Index, which was totally different [from Vheissu]. Then Beggars was kind of the reaction against that. This kind of makes sense coming out of Beggars, but it’s definitely a different record,”

Major/Minor, the band's seventh album, is due to be released September 20th through Vagrant Records. Studio updates and information can be found here.

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