Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Cassie

A rare gem in post-rock is finding a fantastically good vocal-centered band that still commits to the expansively broad, yet still duly familiar sound of post-rock bands we all know and love. Cassie shows us that it has everything it takes to do their debut EP, Something You've Always Wanted To Hear. The EP has the capability of changing the mood of the listener in a split second, and Sofia Thurén's harmonious, melancholic vocal addition makes the depressive EP bittersweet, but a pain absolutely worth trudging through, much redeemed by the gratuitous hope inspired by "Tin Cans and String". I was really hoping to hear more vocal experimentation in albums this year, and Cassie brought it upon me with a well-orchestrated gusto. I was fantastically pleased, and this is only the beginning for the band. They have the potential to take off in any direction they choose.
You can stream the album here, with a free download link on the page.

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