Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweatshirt Weather - Getting By

Three years ago, my go-to site to find new music was Purevolume. I spent all day finding new pop-rock bands that basically died out within the year. After a while, every band simply started to sound exactly the same to me, as none of them ever stood out to me. While Sweatshirt Weather isn't a game changing band, they're damn good at what they do, which is constructing extremely catchy hooks alongside perfectly mixed synths. "However We Can" ditches the synths for piano, creating a track that Andrew McMahon would be upset he hadn't thought of first as well as the highlight on Getting By. Many pop-rock bands struggle to obtain sustainability with their tracks, but Sweatshirt Weather has constructed one of the most memorable pop-rock EPs since Holiday Parade's This Is My Year. The EP will be out on July 5th, and you can follow the band on Facebook here.

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