Tuesday, March 22, 2011

With The Punches

With The Punches are a pop punk band from NY, and let me tell you, they absolutely kill it. When listening to this band I feel a ridiculous amount of passion spewing from the lead singer's voice, and it lets me know that this is the real deal. Their last EP, Keep It Going, was an awesome, awesome romp, with soaring choruses and pounding drum beats that got stuck in your head for days. Their latest EP, Its Not The End Of The World is one hell of a follow-up EP, taking everything from the first one and booting it up ten notches higher. There's a sincerity in the vocals and lyrics that set this band far apart from any of the bands this type of music is commonly associated with. Okay, I think you've had enough convincing, so pick up their music here and get ready to mosh your brains out.

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