Monday, March 7, 2011


Dessa is the best female hip-hop artist out there right now. As the only female member of Doomtree, she is also easily the most unique. Her combination singing/rapping is an acquired taste, but soon becomes irresistible. The best part of her songs is definitely the instrumentation, as Doomtree producers Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, and others place horns, clarinets, drums, and many other instruments in the songs in unimaginable ways. Hooks also run rampant throughout the album, with "Dutch" and "Mineshaft II" as two of the catchiest tracks. There isn't one poor track on the entire album, and is definitely a cohesive product meant to be heard as a whole. Doomtree is full of the best hip-hop artists around, such as P.O.S, Cecil Otter, and Sims, but Dessa could possibly be the best overall artist of the entire group. You can stream the whole album on her Bandcamp page here.

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