Friday, March 4, 2011

New Gatsby's American Dream Song Streaming

I never want to have to work this hard to stream a song again. In order to stream the new Gatsby's American Dream song, you need to play this stupid game which involves shooting items into a big pig's mouth. The physics of the game is awful, and it takes forever to figure out the right angles and power to make it work. But I digress. The band's new song, "Modern Man", is classic Gatsby's, with driving riffs and vicious drumming, with several time shifts thrown in. Gang vocals are a great addition to the song, which will be an excellent crowd pleaser at shows. Although the band just came out of a fairly extended hiatus, they obviously didn't lose their momentum. The new album should be out sometime this year, and will have extremely high expectations attached to it. "Modern Man" only affirms those statements. You can attempt to stream the song here.

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