Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Rabbits

With Warped Tour tickets available for purchase in two days, it's about that time of year when I start to become excited for the several bands (maybe six this year) I'll be able to catch live there. After learning of Massachusetts-based Bad Rabbits through various fellow Warped Tour goers, I decided to give them a shot. Ever since, I've been jamming their debut EP from 2009, Stick Up Kids, and the demos and covers of Michael Jackson and Deftones they've released since then. With influences ranging from the aforementioned MJ and Deftones to Prince and Envy on the Coast, Bad Rabbits blend synth-heavy alternative rock with a throwback funky soul type sound. Dua Boakye lends his rich chest voice and strong, piercing falsetto to songs such as "Can't Back Down", arguably the best track on Stick Up Kids. The goofy keyboard parts, courtesy of studio player RP Thompson, are prevalent throughout and only add to the soulful nature of the band's sound. More currently, Bad Rabbits released two wonderful covers, "Human Nature" and "Sextape". The former builds to a climax in the last minute, Boakye's high falsetto screams at the forefront of the mix. It's an incredible vocal display and an honorable tribute to the late King of Pop. The latter is a cover of one of the best tracks off of the Deftones' most recent release, Diamond Eyes. Lending a slightly more R&B feel to the track, the cover actually rivals the original, as, once again, Boakye's falsetto is magnificent. Bad Rabbits have a full length album due later on this year in the works and, based on what they've put out so far, it's bound to be of high quality.
Free downloads of Bad Rabbits' releases here.

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