Thursday, March 3, 2011

Record Reflections: 65daysofstatic - Heavy Sky

With 2011 rolling in full, many new post-rock albums lie on the horizon; however, we simply can't forget the small things. In this case, the small things notably point to this interesting EP, by the English post-rock / electronic project 65daysofstatic. The EP has it's fair share of ups and downs, being a half-compilation with a couple of new songs, but it was put together in such a great way, that fact remains almost unnoticeable.

"Sawtooth Rising" portrays a much more electric side of the project, hence the name, and grows in such a mesmerizing way that it feels like a true element of what the project does best, a meshing of genres to create something beyond its core components. Meanwhile, "Pacify" gets down to the true roots of the band, bringing out a very M83 type sound, but a softer, Mogwai-esque style, creating a romantic and tender yet solid track to be cherished. The rest of the EP does as much justice as their prior releases to the post-rock genre, and shows the real devotion the band has to creating and refining their sound.

Band info and album purchase links can be found here.

Track Listing:

1. Tiger Girl (Wishful Thinking Edit)
2. Sawtooth Rising
3. The Wrong Shape
4. PX3
5. Pacify
6. Beats Like A Helix
7. Guitar Cascades

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  1. Just so you know for the future, that's more of a record reflection than a review. I fixed it.