Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marley Carroll

Oh Thom Yorke and your horde of glitchophiles and experimentally minimalist peers, how many more young musicians will contain elements of you and your cavalcade of contemporaries? Marley Carroll, a multi-instrumentalist and rather prolific man located in North Carolina, is but another victim of Yorke's legacy. Carroll spends his time not only as the DJ for NC rap trio Mr. Invisible, but also heads the band Melanaster and produces his own solo work. Carroll has recently given the world a taste of his own work and remixes in the form of his solo EP Comfort's Curse, a delightful mix of his aforementioned influences and his own creativity. Don't take my Radiohead jabs and comparisons as a piece of negativity however, Comfort's Curse is an absolutely delight mix of Carroll's electronic influences and his diverse talents. The title track may begin the record with Kid A inspired experimental sounds, but the EP as a whole takes listeners through everything from the folk sensibilities of "Highway Hearts," to the big-city piano work of "Flying Nomura Theme Parts 1 and 2." More than just a sprawl of Carroll's delightful solo work, the EP contains remixes of Imogen Heap's "Hide And Seek," and Björk's "It's In Our Hands."  The remixes don't amaze in a spectacular way, but they feel like delightful little love letters to Carroll's influences. With such a pleasantly diverse mix of styles for listeners, Comfort's Curse is something I feel safe saying is something that deserves to be heard by listeners of all tastes. The catch? You can download and do so for free. Don't let this glitch-indie pop artist rise without your attention, Comfort's Curse just might be the beginning of great things for Carroll.

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