Monday, March 21, 2011

Album Review: The Anytime - Crave EP

We all have that go to album that's fun and allows us to let loose. Whether you listen to bands like that often or not, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The Anytime's sophomore release Crave is perfect for that, with pop rock infused beats and catchy lyrics. Nothing on the EP seems stellar but there is enough there to keep listeners tuned in.

The EP opens up with a fast paced synth and then dives into powerful vocals from Andrew Gates. "Can You Feel It" could easily be a radio hit on the top 40 or thumping through club speakers. The title track, "Crave" follows suit and Gates showcases his voice the most on this track while backed by Caleb Wiggins quirky guitar riffs. Before the track closes, Wiggins takes the spotlight and shines with an amazing guitar solo.

Lyrics aren't the band's strongest quality and it shows on "Femme Fatal". The lyric "Lady on the street and a freak in the covers" prove to be the weakest part of the song and the song itself falls short compared to the rest of the EP. Even though "Femme Fatal" isn't a stand out track, you still can't help but to sing along and dance to the beat. The EP picks up with "Killer" and once again Wiggins and Gates compliment each other. "Killer" could have been one of the EP's stand out tracks especially with each of the band members playing the best they have since the EP began and joining together for some harmonizing 'oh, ohs' and 'heys'. Except, there is one downfall, Gates attempt at some sort of rap. It could have been nice touch if it wasn't poorly executed. The Anytime wraps up the EP with a sync soaked track and more of Wiggins' incredible riffs. "Move It" is another dance hit with mediocre lyrics but still hold the energy of the rest of the EP.

The Anytime might lack in the lyric making department but make up for it everywhere else. Gates proves to be a strong vocalist and is one of the band's key feature. Wiggins backs these stand out vocals as he shreds on these pop rock infused tracks and is accompanied by Tyler Higdon's synthesized melodies. Move aside, The Cab and the Higher, you may have just met your match. You can purchase the EP on iTunes.

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