Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stay Offers Up New Album For Free

Stay has shown up on Muzik Dizcovery quite a few times, and with good reason. The band's new record American Cherry Bomb shows a little bit of growth since the previous EP, appealing to more of a widespread crowd than the teenage girls centered debut. Tracks like "Car Crash World" and "Machine Gun Summer" have much more of a rock edge, while "Arson In The Suburbs" seems to be influenced by Sum 41. The one thing we have learned to expect from Stay is a massive hook in pretty much every song. "American Cherry Bomb" and "Motor City" will be in consistent rotation in any playlist, as the need to listen to the choruses is overpowering after the first listen. The band still has a lot to work to do, as many of the lyrics are subpar, focused on themes like girls and partying. The profanities sometimes seem thrown in just to show off the band's "edge". As the band's first LP, the band has accomplished everything that they needed to. Hopefully in the future, the lyrical content will be stressed more, and we may soon get an excellent pop-rock album. The band seems more interested in exposure than profit, as they offered up American Cherry Bomb for free download. This trait will definitely help them gain more fans, and give them a bit more freedom to experiment. You can download the whole album on the band's Purevolume page here.

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