Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Explosions In the Sky Announce Pre-Order; Free Download

How do you create a follow up to 2007's All Of the Sudden I Miss Everyone and all of its haunting qualities of loneliness, despair, and hope? As a band that has not only been known for practically defining the standards of crescendo-focused post-rock, Explosions In the Sky carry a lot of weight on their shoulders to continue their impressive career of making their famous brand of instrumental work. Their reputation aside, as someone who fell deeply in love with Explosions In the Sky's last record, I found myself questioning whether or not a follow up could do justice when Explosions announced Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. It's safe to say now that with a new song in hand, it's a good chance those worries are completely baseless. Don't take my word for it though, pre-order the album and download the new song here.

For those who are wondering if Explosions will take a course back to the more subtle, gentler beauty of their earlier work, it's safe to say that the energy heard in songs like "Welcome, Ghosts" and "The Birth and Death of the Day," are present in the new song "Trembling Hands." I don't mean to enter the black pit of hyperbolic statements, but the drum rolls of "Trembling Hands" are practically flawless against the airy guitar work. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care comes out on April 26 in the US and Canada, and on April 18 in the UK.

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