Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Brighter Life

This five piece from South Carolina have all the makings of a pop-punk band. Their upbeat rhythm and on point vocals provide the perfect blend for this genre. Vocalist Jordan Kirk is delivering fun lyrics about partying and of course, some relationship problems. The gang vocals at the end of "Better Friends" emphasize the point of the song with the lyrics "Don't be surprised to find that nobody's there/So take a second look, to see if I care." "Another Late Night" reflects the band's title of their new EP Where Tonight Can Go and documents a night of partying. The track shows that the band can still have a serious sound while singing about having a good time. With The Starting Line and New Found Glory influences, A Brighter Life have everything they need and should have no problem working their way to the top to be alongside those bands. Download their latest EP Where Tonight Can Go on their bandcamp.

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