Thursday, March 17, 2011


Between Copeland's legacy and Lydia's explosion and eventual implosion in the past year, the population and popularity of bands exhibiting airy vocals over delectable indie pop have been increasing exponentially. Surrogate, the next in line aiming for the crown of indie-rock relaxation, reign from California with a brand new EP featuring some of my favorite pop songs of this year yet. Diamonds And Pearls sees a soft combination of vocals from Copeland and Beach House while instrumentally approaching listeners with a summery, simplistic pop routine. While not as dramatic or as hazily-delivered as the aforementioned Copeland and Beach House, Surrogate contain enough attributes of each to make a pleasing mix of tracks that thankfully remain as intelligent as they are catchy. If you're as impatient as I am for the next Copeland, chances are this may only partially scratch that itch you've felt since You Are My Sunshine. Surrogate may be heading in a different,  more easy-going direction than Copeland ended up going down, but they're a fine distraction with a new release full of potential. As easy as it is to drift off on these spring days to Diamonds And Pearls, don't sleep on this mighty fine EP. You can buy it here.

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