Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Holiday Parade Song Streaming

There's no secret that I love good pop-rock. I mean, is there any genre more irresistible than it? Holiday Parade continues to prove that they are at the peak of the genre, consistently creating excellent tracks that are as catchy as Raul Ibanez wishes he could be. The new track "False Alarms" will be on the band's upcoming seven song EP, and although the "woos" seem a bit out of tune, after a while they fit in with the scheme of the song. Lead singer Andy Albert shows off his excellent vocals in the chorus, moving to a falsetto in a few phrases. Although some people were disappointed in Tickets and Passports, there was nothing about that album to be disappointed about. The new EP should easily be classic Holiday Parade, and something that will be in consistent rotation in my car this summer. Stream the new song on the band's Facebook page here.

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