Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leaked A Lot Like Birds Demo Feat. Kurt Travis

In a recent Tumblr post, someone seems to have leaked an untitled A Lot Like Birds demo, featuring recently added member Kurt Travis (ex-Dance Gavin Dance, Five Minute Ride). The seven-minute long track continues A Lot Like Birds' brand of progressive post-hardcore, while featuring Travis' vocal prowess prominently. The intro of the song is the same as the one to the rickroll from a couple weeks ago, which upset some fans. Travis sounds stronger than ever, backed by intricate guitar lines and crawling bass. Though the screaming is a bit rough, it might be merely the result of the lesser quality of demos in general. Lyrically, the repeated, spoken line "You might know this/But I've got a rifle that's stifling manners" builds up into a mathy riff leading into a breakdown of sorts, complimented by synths. Thankfully, it doesn't resemble a foray into Attack Attack!-type crabcore in the slightest. Immediately afterward, the proverbial roaring tide is quelled by a more ambient transition, which leads into a post-rock with screamed vocals section, closing out the song. For a demo, there's much to be pleased with here. Hopefully, this is a sign of the quality of their upcoming full-length.
Stream the demo here.

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