Sunday, January 2, 2011

Unsigned Bands Of December

New feature here. Every month, maybe twice every month, I will give a list of unsigned bands that have contacted me that although may not have their own feature article, they still deserve a mention. If you have any better descriptions for any of the bands, please tell me, since I am still honing my craft at the comparison of bands. If you want to send us your band, please email, and if we think your band is worthy, you will get thrown into this section next month or if you guys are good enough, get your own special feature. Check out the bands after the jump.

Facing: A less produced and less polished DTBM DanceGavinDance without the screaming, older PMToday, Closure in Moscow. Technical post-hardcore
Free download of their self titled EP on the bandcamp page.

Don't Miss Out: Boys Night Out, New Found Glory, Veara, including some background synth and breakdowns. Bro pop-punk, including a song named "Brotein Shakes".

Starters: Latterman, Hit The Lights, a rawer Moneen
Free download of Demo 2010 EP.

ASAP: Dropping Daylight, Houston Calls, Punchline with keys, Day At The Fair,
Free download of Days To Nights album on Bandcamp.

New Age Soup: Catchy synthpop with unique vocals, a more manly Owl City.
One guy who's actually a friend of mine, and recorded this entire EP himself. Check it out, the vocals may not be the best, but he's musically very talented and the instrumental parts are great.
Free download of all tracks.


  1. mediocre bands for a mediocre site

  2. Don't Miss Out is definately not "Bro pop/punk" what does that even mean? The song is meant to be ironic because they are very much not Bros.