Sunday, January 2, 2011

City of Trees - Introspection

City of Trees are an alternative rock band based in New York. With their debut EP, Introspection, they have succeeded in creating an entertaining, catchy freshman release. The band closely resembles one of their listed influences -- As Cities Burn. Though not a carbon copy by any means, it's apparent that the band members were inspired by Come Now Sleep. Yet the downfall of the EP is that the melodies progressively weaken with each consecutive track -- "Fear" and "Negative Me" lack the lasting power that "House" and "Heavy Thoughts" possess for the simple reason that they aren't as catchy. It should be said, however, that frontman Dan Cerney utilizes his voice well and that the instrumental work throughout the EP is solid. In future releases, if City of Trees concentrate on staying melodically oriented, this band could be one to watch out for, filling the void that As Cities Burn left in the wake of their breakup.

Bandcamp containing a free download of Introspection

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