Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Parade Recording

It almost seemed like Holiday Parade disappeared off the face of the earth. It was very disappointing to not see a single update on Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter as well as no touring. However, Holiday Parade recently announced that they began recording a new EP to be released sometime this year. The band's latest album Tickets and Passports did not show the band at their best, but still was not as bad as critics said it was. The title track in particular is an extremely strong piano rock song, but most of the album was pretty forgettable. This Is My Year had plenty of lasting value, and I still play the EP from time to time. I am just happy to hear new Holiday Parade material, and I'm sure that it will grace my playlists for a while. Stay updated on the band's process of recording on Facebook here.


  1. I completely disagree with you that Tickets and Passports did not have lasting value. I thought it really showed the bands progression as artists by moving in a different direction. The lyrics that stick in my mind are:
    "you won't come back to haunt me"
    "i'd give it all again to feel it"
    "i may be the one thing you're missing"
    "it's how the sunlight burns my eyes every morning when i rise, it's how i'm pulled to the horizon, like a love that just won't die"

    maybe we have different opinions because holiday parade is my absolute favorite band.
    still, it's cool :)

  2. I think there was some, but some of the songs I got tired of really quickly. "Where Did I Go", "Southern Skies", and "Changed My Mind" did not have nearly the hooks or overall excellence of any song on This Is My Year. I can not say there is one song that's less than excellent on that release. The acoustic versions are just as great too.