Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iron And Wine New Album Stream

If you want to see the transformation of Iron and Wine from the debut to his newest album, Kiss Each Other Clean, just look at the album covers. From light, sepia tones on The Creek Drank The Cradle, to the forest colors of Our Endless Numbered Days, to the brightness of The Shepherd's Dog, to this psychedelic, multicolored madness. That perfectly explains the stylistic change of Iron and Wine, from the folky to the unpredictable, creative journey throughout Kiss Each Other Clean. "Me And Lazarus" sounds like it could have been written while on drugs, with the bassy beat and subject matter. There is synth aplenty throughout the album, taking different shapes in different songs. "Monkeys Uptown" is one of Iron and Wine's more upbeat songs, with a swing feel at times, while "Big Burned Hand" sounds like a jazzy soul song right out of the 50's or 60's. To those that thought Iron and Wine was boring before, such as myself, this album should throw all those beliefs out the window. As of the writing of this post, this is my favorite album this year, and the creativity throughout the album promises for it to end up on many end of year lists. You can stream the whole album here.

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