Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time Tells All

Isn't it great when you revisit an album you haven't listened to in years, and it's still as great as you remember it being? Time Tells All's Spread The Word still contains five of the catchiest pop-rock songs I have ever heard. I sung along with every word of the song, even though it had been years since my last listen. The vocals of Brent Stinnett sound extremely similar to Will Pugh from Cartel, and the lyrics are Facebook worthy, with lines such as "I found a new religion based on you" that should be dominating t-shirts and teen girls' statuses everywhere. Sadly, this was the band's only release, as only a couple other songs were placed on Myspace before the band ceased to exist. Time Tells All should be as huge as All Time Low. Sadly, the best bands don't always make it big. Listen to samples of the EP and buy it on Amazon right here.

1 comment:

  1. easily would be one of the best punk rock bands today!  i love hit the lights and these guys are right on their level with their EP...let's bring em back!