Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tennis - Cape Dory

I seem to be attracted to things having to do with tennis. It is both my favorite sport to play and a band I've been somewhat attracted to early this year. Tennis (the band) definitely takes the beachy pop sound that Best Coast hit on last summer and polished it up slightly, creating almost a female led Beach Boys sound. Tennis seems to enjoy the theme of the ocean and runs with it, water seeming to flow into many of the song titles including "Cape Dory", "Bimini Bay", "Seafarer", and "Waterbirds". Single "Take Me Somewhere" strays from the conventional verse-chorus-verse format, throwing in a time change for fun, all while lead singer Alaina Moore shows off her bubbly vocals. "Long Boat Pass" could almost substitute a ukulele for the guitar and be a hit on the Hawaiian Islands. "Baltimore" is one of the more upbeat tracks, able to be almost mistaken for a Best Coast track. The album gets monotonous at times, and I'm not sure how long it will stay on my playlists. But for now, in the cold of winter, we could all use a trip to the beach. You can listen to the band on Myspace here.

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