Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview With Stay

Stay may have been a band you have seen on Purevolume or AbsolutePunk over the past few years. From being on Purevolume's Unsigned Bands of 09 to being on's Absolute 100 of 2010, Stay has gained quite a lot of love from pop-rock lovers everywhere. The band is in the process of releasing their new album, American Cherry Bomb, which should be out in Spring. Guitarist Steve Ackles took some time to answer a few questions about the new album, the band's progression from EP to album, and the band's future. Check it out after the jump.

You guys are releasing a new album, American Cherry Bomb, soon. How was the process of creating your first full length? Was it any different than the process of making an EP?

It was definitely an awesome experience. It was absolutely time consuming because we knew we had to write more songs than a normal EP but ultimately it was the same process. A lot of demoing new song ideas and making sure that the songs were written to the best of our abilities.

Is there any theme behind the album name that leads into the music?

There is...I'm probably the worst at explaining this. Our guitarist/keys player thought of the name and it basically illustrates the downfall of the music industry and the American culture...sort of how music listeners stopped buying CDs and in turn artists can't afford to tour. Like I said, I'm the worst at explaining it, but it's along those lines.

What were you trying to accomplish for this album?

We were trying to make the most bad ass record we possibly could. The goal was to have every song be awesome and make it so there wasn't that one or two songs where you're like "ehh...I don't know about this one" We wanted it to be in your face throughout the entire record.

The song title “Maddie kthx” pushed some people away from listening to the band because of the title. Was the title more a joke than anything?

Yeah the title doesn't really relate to the actual song as much as people thought it did. Our drummer named that song but it didn't have a direct correlation to the meaning of the song. We just liked how it sounded.

People definitely thought that based on the title you were one of those manufactured pop boy bands that are just in it for the fame. Do you think that the song title gave you guys a bit of a bad reputation?

I don't think it gave us a bad reputation. I mean, there's always going to be haters. We're used to it at this point. We're confident about what we do and at the end of the day that's all you can really depend upon.

Most of the past songs have stayed more to a simple pop-rock formula. Are there any incidents of trying to move outside of the box in the newest album?

Definitely. The new album is really diverse. I don't think one song sounds like another. We really tried to integrate other styles into the song writing and make it as interesting to listen to as possible.

What do you think the biggest change between American Cherry Bomb and the EP is?

I'd say the songs are a lot more well written and there is a definite confidence throughout the album. It comes off very strong and confident to the listener I think.

When you say confident, do you mean it such that the band has grown to the point in which you think you're starting to figure out how to do things to the best of your abilities?

Absolutely. Our last songs were strong too, but I think we've really improved with these new songs

Are there any songs that looking back you wish you could have either scrapped or reconstructed? Either due to the fact that you guys have matured and you just look back and think "this just wasn't a very good song", or you think you rushed the song, or any other reasons?

No, I wouldn't have scrapped any songs but there are some things here and there where we could've made parts of the song better but they are things that honestly probably us as the songwriters would notice.

The album does not even have an official release date yet, though it was announced to be in spring. Is that still the expected time, or will the unfortunate consequences push it up a bit?

It's still going to be released during the Spring, we'll have a pre-order up soon though.

Are you planning on doing any special things to go with the preorder, as kind of a reason for people to actually buy the physical album?

Yeah. There will be some added bonuses for sure.

Have you guys been in contact with any labels, and should we expect a signing sometime soon for the band?

We're talking to some labels but plans are still up in the air as of right now.

What is your take on labels these days? Are they actually necessary to progress as a band both in the actual creation of the album and for the band's popularity?

Labels can help to promote artists in creative ways but at the same time, they're not really a necessity to progressing your band. We've been touring with label bands for the past year as an unsigned band.

Are you guys planning on touring across the US, or even overseas sometime soon?

We'll have a lot of new tour dates for this Spring that will be announced soon. We've love to tour overseas at some point but we don't have any serious plans for that yet.

Regarding going overseas, do you think that it is crazy that you have fans from all over the world? What's the craziest place a fan has ever said they're from?

Definitely! It's great news. I think we've had some people requesting us in Australia...which is unbelievable, hopefully we can get over there someday.

Why do you think people should listen to STAY?

I think we have awesome songs. We're down to earth people and we constantly work our asses off to become better as a band. Come check us out at a show near you!

I would like to thank Steve for taking time out of his day to answer some questions. American Cherry Bomb is bound to be one of the catchiest albums of 2011, and I bet that it will get more than a few plays on my iPod. You can listen to the band's music on their Myspace page here.

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