Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Again, For The Win - Bonus Deluxe Version

Deep Elm: If you want the next She Bears or Les Sages, you need to sign this band now. Again, For The Win may seem like an immature name, but the music is anything but that. In fact, out of all the small bands I've been told to listen to over the past few months, these guys may be the best. Taking ideas from The Get Up Kids and Moving Mountains, the band has created an extremely strong modern emo album. Lead singer Carter Francis has a delivery reminiscent of Cap'n Jazz, especially in the extremely powerful and personal closer "I Saw Jesus". The band is extremely talented at pretty much every instrument, with the drumming and keys at the forefront of the assault in "The Coolest Dude At The Lake". The band throws a curveball with "The Chill Pill", an ambient chillwave track that is simply a peaceful interlude before the band returns to their usual, impressive indie-rock tracks. "Here Or It Didn't Happen" has Francis singing at his most serene, supported by a female vocalist and the impressiveness of rhythm section, strong enough to make even a grown man cry. Again, For The Win brings the honesty and sincerity back to emo music not seen since the late 90's, and creating a debut that shows only greatness ahead.
Download this incredible album on Bandcamp for FREE here.

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