Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Album Review: Farewell Fighter - The Way We Learn

Listening to Farewell Fighter should make anyone feel like they are back in high school. The band's newest EP, The Way We Learn, is full of youthful energy that can make even someone's grandpa jump up and begin moshing. Their upbeat, extremely catchy songs along with the relatable lyrics are reminiscent of a young You, Me, And Everyone We Know, with the future potential to create a record as great as Some Things Don't Wash Out. The Way We Learn is a journey as a child grows up and figures out what they want in life, all while enjoying it.

"Well Wishing" instantly brings a listener back to age twelve, stating that "I wish I were pretty, I wish I were brave", relating to the first thoughts of wanting to belong in society. The statement definitely goes along with the EP title, as that child gets older, they finally learn that it isn't as necessary as seemed before. But first, they have to go through "Growing Pains". "Growing Pains" is Farewell Fighter's "Livin' The Dream", with powerful riffs and a sing along chorus that should be a huge hit at shows. The song perfectly states the theme of the album, that growing up is tough and that you need to be what you want. "Never Have I Ever" has the now teenager wondering what his future is going to be like, wanting to hit it big as a sports star, or even an astronaut! Farewell Fighter turns this thought process into an incredibly catchy song, adding in call and response dual vocals in the chorus as the thoughts of the future pound inside one's mind.

Fast forward to age fifteen. "Love, Lust, Or Losing It" relates to a first obsessive crush, as the teen shouts "Help me, I'm not well, I can't tell if this love or if I've lost my mind." But Farewell Fighter can even make this experience fun, injecting the song full of extremely catchy melodies and gang vocals. Another year later, "Terminal" is the end of the teen's first real relationship, regretting the mistakes he's made with his significant other, and asking for her back. Of course, plenty of "whoas" and a guitar solo can make things a bit more convincing.

It's past graduation. The teen is now ready for college. He knows what he wants to do in the future. "Where I Belong" is the realization of this feeling. Finally, "Golden" is the culmination of all the growth through the entire album, reflecting through the entire song of every concept stated in the album, such as growing up, love, and realizing ones self. The song is also the most mellow and musically mature of album, showing the band's musical growth as well as their emotional growth. Samples of kids wondering about what they will be when they grow up adds to the concept of the album, showing that everyone goes through these periods in life. And everyone does. The extremely relatable nature of the songs makes them impossible to dislike. Farewell Fighter has already grown up through the period of creating this album. A young band in their early 20's, there's still plenty of growing up to do. Their music will definitely reflect their growth, and the band's best is not even close to arrival.

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1. Well Wishing
2. Growing Pains
3. Never Have I Ever
4. Love, Lust, or Losing It
5. Terminal
6. Where I Belong
7. Golden


  1. I can't wait for this album. The new tracks streaming on and Facebook are catchier than herpes.

  2. The album sounds great so far. It's gonna be great to have it in my collection. The guys did fantastic once again.

  3. You can listen to the entire album here on Purevolume.