Thursday, January 6, 2011

Save Parker - Making Waves

Save Parker are an unsigned post-hardcore band based in Hammond, Indiana. Combining progressive rock influences with a more modern, "scene" take on post-hardcore, Save Parker make creative music in a genre that is filled with sound-a-likes. Although the production of the EP is a little bit rough, the talent of the musicians still shines. The best tracks include "Attack! of the Clones" and "Amber Lamps" -- "Attack! of the Clones" for its technical guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies and "Amber Lamps" for its unpredictable song structure and uniqueness. In fact, "Amber Lamps" is arguably the best and most creative track on the release, showcasing the progressive aspects of Save Parker's sound. It's a dynamic track, taking the listener on a musical journey of highs and lows, louds and softs. With another release, be it a full-length or another EP, Save Parker could easily explode in the scene, challenging the firm grip bands like Dance Gavin Dance and Chiodos hold on the genre. If Save Parker can reach more ears, fans of "scene" music would realize that Save Parker are just as inventive and talented, if not more so, than the aforementioned bands. This band could be headed for big things to come.
Bandcamp with a "name-your-price" download of Making Waves

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