Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hailey, It Happens

Hey Owl City, The Ready Set, and the hundreds of other awful synth-pop bands. Listen to Hailey, It Happens. You hear those non autotuned vocals? Surprisingly, synth-pop doesn't need that. How about those honest lyrics that aren't about dentists and bugs? You can actually be serious in these songs. "But then their hooks obviously must suck." Wrong. Listen to "Saturday Night Fever Dreams". Tell me that isn't catchy. "Whatever, these songs will never allow you to get girls like my songs do". Just listen to "Song For The End Of The Night", as this extremely sexy song would instantly get the ladies all over you. "Fine, I'll take a listen to the band and try to make some decent music." Well, then you should go to their Bandcamp page here and download the album for free! And the band's new album is tentatively scheduled for release on March 1st.

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