Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mariage Blanc

I always love when bands diversify instrumentally, moving outside of the normal rock instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums). In the first verse and chorus of the opening song of Mariage Blanc's self titled album, "Whatever You Say I Am", you can hear no fewer than seven or eight different instruments, including several different keys settings, jingle bells, and a string section. Mariage Blanc combines this wide instrumentation with the catchy indie pop of Steel Train and the folk of the late Elliot Smith. The self titled album is their latest release, in the public since November of 2010, and has definitely been underrated. If I had heard it back in 2010, it may have made my end of year list.  You can stream the full album on the band's website here. The band also has their debut EP Broken Record up for free download right here.

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