Monday, January 3, 2011

Free Alternativ News Sampler

Three days into the new year, and I think we have the best free legal sampler of the year. French site Alternativ News has put together one of the best collections of real pop-punk, screamo, emo, and indie that I have ever seen together in one playlist. I enjoy at least ten of these bands already, and I will definitely go through the sampler and pick up the albums for the bands which  I have not heard too much of. Most of these bands I have heard extremely good things about from and many other sites. From the ones I know, I suggest Transit and Man Overboard for the pop-punk lovers, Tigers Jaw and The Republic of Wolves for the fans of Brand New and other similar bands, CSTVT, Snowing, and Stay Ahead Of The Weather for those missing 90's emo, and Pianos Become The Teeth, Make Do And Mend, and Caravels for those that need something a little heavier. Download the whole legal 38(!!) song sampler on Bandcamp here.

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