Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brief Album Review: The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

The Get Up Kids aren't kids anymore. I mean, it's only been seven years since their last full length release. However, that growth may split their fanbase, as anyone who was expecting another Something To Write Home About will be drastically disappointed. The Get Up Kids have ditched their emo-indie sound and have added plenty of reverb and electronics to make a whole new sound for the band.

Instantly, the change is felt. Initiating the album with what almost sounds like dog barking, "Tithe" borders on a lo-fi sound, with the staticky guitars a departure from songs such as "Valentine" or "Holiday". "Regent's Court" is one of the closest songs to past The Get Up Kids, while "Shatter Your Lungs" is a pretty much full on electronic song, with very little noticeable guitar, a huge difference from past The Get Up Kids works. "Rally 'Round The Fool" is perhaps the epitome of the band's change, as nobody would ever expect The Get Up Kids to make an ambient electronic song. "Birmingham" has the band progressing in a regressive way, creating a song that seems to have come straight from the drummer's garage.

That is all I can really say about the record. This is why I'm not doing a full review for it. Firstly, I'm not a real fan of the album, but I can't really say that the record is bad. Secondly, the only Get Up Kids I know is STWHA, and even then I haven't given it a great listen. However, it is to note that bands do grow up, and you can't expect them to keep the same sound forever. Nobody is the same person when they are 20 as when they are 35. That's the message that everyone should get out of this record. Listen to all of the band's material here.

Score: Incomplete

01. Tithe ( 3:39)
02. Regent's Court ( 2:06)
03. Shatter Your Lungs ( 2:49)
04. Automatic ( 2:55)
05. Pararelevant ( 3:37)
06. Rally 'Round The Fool ( 5:17)
07. Better Lie ( 4:18)
08. Keith Case ( 4:05)
09. The Widow Paris ( 3:37)
10. Birmingham ( 2:36)
11. When It Dies ( 4:04)
12. Rememorable ( 2:59)

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  1. I thought these guys had split up... this is good news, I guess.