Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MuzikDizcovery Exclusive: Echo Base - "Never Tell Me The Odds"

We're very excited today to be premiering the penultimate track from Floridian emo duo Echo Base's forthcoming full length album Some Legacy. "Never Tell Me The Odds" allows the pair the opportunity to shred with their respective instruments, showcasing both guitarist Spencer Wills's ability to twinkle hard and drummer Miguel Vasquez's upbeat and driving rhythms. Both members take the reins on vocal duties, shifting from one to the other seamlessly and even layering their shouts onto each other. Send Away Stranger vocalist Will Linscott joins the track for a guest verse that stands as the calm between the two more intense segments of the track. Echo Base allows their homestate buddy to shine, giving him the spotlight over top the more subdued instrumental before bursting back and taking back their own track. It's a song that should be a staple of the band's live sets for years to come as well as a strong introduction to the band as a whole. Some Legacy is out September 3rd, and you can stream two other tracks and preorder the album on Bandcamp. All proceeds from Bandcamp purchases will go towards getting the album pressed on vinyl. Be sure to also follow the band on Facebook, as all news having to do with the band will be posted there.    

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  1. Reminds me a bit of Title Fight's Shed, real tight