Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Acceptance

Acceptance is one of the biggest cases of "what could they have done if they hadn't broken up." A slick, radio ready alternative rock band led by the smooth vocals of Jason Vena, the band had every reason to blow up. Strong musicianship and powerful hooks allowed the band to appeal to fans of both rock and pop, and with the emergence of rock songs on the chart, Acceptance had both the style and audience to blow up. Sadly, the band's major label just couldn't push surefire Phantoms hits like "Take Cover" and "So Contagious" enough, creating less of a reason for the band to stay together. It's been tough not hearing Jason Vena's voice over the last seven years, though in recent years he's finally decided to donate several lines to All Time Low's "Outlines" and Ivoryline's "The Healing." Hopefully he'll finally get the itch to return to music in the future, whether it be with an Acceptance revival or a whole new project. Either way, we at least have one fantastic album to hold on to forever. Phantoms was recently pressed on vinyl by Bad Timing Records, but the first pressing is currently all sold out (GFYTN). There should be a second pressing soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the label's Facebook page.

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