Saturday, August 17, 2013

Artist of the Day: Deathmole

It's been about a year since I've said too much of anything about Jeph Jacques' solo project Deathmole. However, a big step for the one-man band is here; the first physical release. Up until now, Jacques has only had his music distributed digitally, first by simple free fileshare, but presently on Bandcamp as well, despite the first album, Moletopopolis, missing from the streaming site. For his newest release, Jacques teamed up with the organization Make That Thing, a production agency that helps artists organize and complete their dreams through Kickstarter, so that the supporters can focus on the project rather than the process. Anyway, Permanence will be released via digital download, CD, and vinyl, depending on the level of support you want to provide to the man! And knowing what kind of music he puts out, I know for a fact that the newest release will be just as heavy as everything else the solo post-metal project has to offer.

Worried you won't have enough time to scrape together funds for supporting the project? No problem, the Kickstarter runs for another 24 days! And if you can't pick it up by then, there's a good chance that the album will appear on Deathmole's Bandcamp page after that (no guarantees, but just about everything else Jacques has released is up there).

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