Monday, August 19, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Lil Huffy

Harrisonburg’s Lil Huffy are getting in on that grand tradition of physical music with the release of their recent 6-track, Old Volvo, on tape. Volvo, which I’ve written about here before, is an ambitious and rewarding lo-fi noise-pop kind of exercise, but startlingly sober when compared to the overwrought, overthought, overly breathy shoegaze redux that’s in vogue at the moment. The band have a knack for layering, and their songwriting hints at serious potential for a kinetic live show. And fancy that, we're in luck!

In support of the tape, which will drop August 21st on Quiet Year Records, the band are taking a small tour up the Washington-New York megalopolis with stops in beautiful Charlottesville VA, Philly, and northern Jersey. On the way back, they’ll hit Richmond, VA for a show with some of the town's best and brightest groups. 

Tour dates are below. If you’re nearby when they’re in town, don’t miss out!

8/22 - Charlottesville @ Magnolia House
w/ Johnny Law, Nu Depth

8/23 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks / Lil Huffy / Seismic Thrust / Enix Inri

8/24 New Jersey @Bloomfield Cat Circus 2pm
Teach Me Equals/Chimes/Lil Huffy/Lake Effect/Gondala

8/25 Richmond, VA @ The Camel
w/ Herro Sugar, Houdan the Mystic, Friend Roulette

More info available on the tour event Facebook page here

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