Friday, August 2, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Luray

Just because because someone is a sibling of a well known musician, that doesn't mean that they should be forgotten. Jamie Lacey seems to be doing pretty well for himself as part of Coasta, even while he's done his best to keep away from his revered brother's name. As the sister of Sean Carey (of S. Carey and Bon Iver fame), Luray's Shannon Carey is embracing her brother's talent, enlisting him as the producer of the group's debut full length The Wilder. Ms. Carey embraces the banjo, using it to infuse her folky tunes with a bluegrass tinge. The majority of the tracks are dominated by the the banjo, while her sweet voice creates quite an enjoyable listen. However, the atmospheric title track and opener of the record stays closer to her brother's projects, focusing on vocals among soft pulses of sound, creating the most unique and interesting track in the arsenal. More diversity could be used, but the talent is obviously there and The Wilder is definitely a successful debut for the group. The Wilder is out August 27th, so be sure to follow what the band does on Facebook!

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