Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Artist of the Day: Franz Ferdinand

I only turned 20 a few weeks ago, but already I'm feeling horrifically old. Clearly entering a new decade of my life has had an effect, but by and large it's due to the events and cultural phenomena which defined my childhood experiencing their own big anniversaries. 9/11 is the obvious example, but milestones have come thick and fast in 2013, which among other things has marked 10 years since Newcastle's United's Champions League run, the release of Return of the King, and perhaps most importantly the rise of Franz Ferdinand, one of the first "real" bands I truly cottoned onto. Stomping into view with terrific single "Darts of Pleasure," the Glasgow quartet embarked on a road which would eventually lead to "Take Me Out," a Mercury-winning debut album and major festival headline slots - not to mention being arguably the finest act to emerge from the UK's mid-00's indie rock trends.

Sharp, stylish and with killer tunes to spare, they looked for all the world to be the complete package, so it's a mighty shame their momentum stalled so brutally during the four year gap between sophomore You Could Have It So Much Better and 2009's harshly maligned Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. With guitar music banished from the charts and many unconvinced by a more synth-orientated direction, the record was considered a letdown by many, and with the majority of their contemporaries condemned to history or obscurity, the group's fourth album carries a distinct air of make or break. Luckily, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action delivers on all fronts, presenting a selection of classic Franz tunes while simultaneously continuing the evolution which at times seemed a little clunky on its predecessor. It may be slightly more dancefloor-orientated, but it nevertheless proves a timely reminder as to why they were so popular in the first place, and for long-term fans such as myself it couldn't be more welcome.


Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is out now.

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