Thursday, August 1, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Ailee

Maybe it's the weather, but my playlist has been unusually K-Pop heavy this summer; among my favorites is powerhouse vocalist Ailee, whom many refer to as Korea's answer to Beyonce. But the comparison isn't just because she slays on this cover of "Halo," as she's went from merely a strong voice into a legitimately sassy and empowering one. She's great in both modes, of course. Just take a look at her debut single, "Heaven":

"Heaven" is the ultimate in sappy R&B ballads, hitting a rhythm on the chorus that's engineered to hit your brain where it feels gooooood and that's all that really matters. If Ailee herself doesn't stick out, she proves herself to be a perfect vessel for that sky-high melody. But Ailee's really taken charge with her latest single "U&I":

Everything in this video screams "fierce," from that classy brass backing to the jangly Motown beat -- and we haven't even got to the song's star yet. Ailee delivers perhaps her most personal performance here, conveying a terrifying indifference on the stilted "Wait a minute. Wait a minute." that opens the course before taking charge in an absolutely ripping chorus. It's all a big spectacle, sure, and what in K-Pop isn't? It's the performers that fill the theatrical with the human, anyway; and Ailee's doing a damn fine job of it here.

Learn much more about Ailee at her label's YouTube page.

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