Friday, August 23, 2013

Artist Of The Day: GoNorthToGoSouth

As a lover of pop music, I always love it when we can get a glimpse of how the sausage's made, and nobody has their hands as deep in the meat like the songwriters. GoNorthToGoSouth, the duo of songwriters busbee and Ben West, are among many former scribes who are stepping out of the factory and into the spotlight. The group's collective credentials are impressive: busbee has penned tracks for Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera, while you can find much of Ben West's work on FOX hit Glee.

GoNorthToGoSouth's first song available is a country-infused cover of P!nk's hit "Try"--only it's not a cover. In fact, it's the original demo of the song, the one that, according to insider legend, moved P!nk to immediately rerecord it. In any case, it's an auspicious beginning for busbee and Ben West, who show off earnest vocals alongside atmospheric, downtempo instrumentation. Like the duo's name, the truth is in the paradox: this is pop music on the small screen, something altogether more intimate and affecting.

The duo's debut EP, Lost&Found, is available digitally on September 10. You can find more on GoNorthToGoSouth at its Facebook page.

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