Thursday, August 15, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Every Time I Die

Veteran metalcore aficionados Every Time I Die are an interesting bunch. Their guitars are flared with raw distortion and a subtle Southern twang, creating one of the most unique and eclectic mixes of heavy music around today. Grab some beers and your favorite flannel, because its going to get rough in this demolition derby of hardcore.

Every Time I Die serenade through ripping riffs and bluesy bass while keeping the tempo up in groovy rock jangles and relentless punk beats. The band is the pure definition of metalcore at its finest, not to be compared to those other swoop hair scene youngsters in all  their Verb-The-Noun varieties. The typical staples are there like blast beats and breakdowns, but the band toss in some soulful blues and the occasional classic rock influence to spin the genre into another dimension. Some songs circulate through trademark chords and patterns like fan-favorite "Ebolarama," while others are straightforward hardcore chaos like "Holy Book of Dilemma."

A key piece of Every Time I Die's draw lies within vocalist Keith Buckley's witty lyricism. Often drawing inspiration from themes like religion, law, and English, he crafts beautiful prose-like poetry full of double entendres and snark. The lyrics sometimes border on snobbery and absolute ridiculousness, but that's the best part because Buckley doesn't really give a shit. As one of the most thoughtful and seasoned lyricists around, he can write whatever he wants and still do it so eloquently that Shakespeare would be jealous.

The band's early material was much more abrasive, wrapping hardcore up in a mathcore ribbon. The scene classic Hot Damn! is brutal and melodic, crafted with nuances of bitterness throughout growls and wails. Gutter Phenomenon takes the metal from a niche to and puts it on full blast to the masses.  For a more Southern edge, The Big Dirty brings a bit more post-hardcore style and a more thorough production, while New Junk Aesthetic's rock-driven sound has some of the band's most memorable tunes. Ex-Lives is an insane medley of all of the above, cementing the band as masters of their craft. Every Time I Die is definitely a force to be reckoned with, one stained with the sweat and blood of determiniation that deserves to be heard by all. If you're in for one hell of a time, catch them on their live show.


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