Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Televisions

Despite the rush to improve musical quality through things like lossless audio and high-quality studio tech, lo-fi still has an enormous place in indie music culture. Take Televisions, for example. It's a solo project of a fellow named Nicholas Rattigan, and the quality of his music echoes a 1960's radio broadcast, with a nostalgic lens of fuzz overlaying every song. A listen to the most recent effort, Neon Gold, will take you to a place that doesn't exist anymore save in dreams, feeling simple and elegant in good taste. "She's Dreaming" leaves a taste of slow M83 songs in your mouth, while "I'm Free" is faster, and definitely hints at surf-rock, all in that filter of a past era of music. It's a refined and wonderfully elegant sound, leaving you wanting much more than just 10 easy minutes of music.

And you can have more! Kindly Mr. Rattigan has all of his recorded material available on his Bandcamp for free! Stream and download as much as you would like, and be sure to watch for updates on his Facebook page.

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