Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, the blog has been running for approximately two months now. In that time I've had over 8000 page views. I'm genuinely shocked how well this is doing. I never thought when I started this I'd last for even this long. You people are the only reason I keep doing this. I'm glad you all appreciate what I do.

I'm leaving in half an hour for the week. As a result there will be no articles until at least next Saturday. I have a request. I want everyone to come onto this post and comment. Make a request. Praise the blog. Beat down the blog with a giant stick. I don't care. But comment. Also, the best thing you guys can do is surprise me with the view counts when I get back. I understand they will be down from usual, but hopefully you guys can bring me some more. Every single person counts.

I've added several things in the past few weeks. On the right hand column there is a list of bands that have advertised the blog. I'd like to thank every one of them personally here; Girls Get All The Action, The Arrival, Catch The Sunrise, Hello Hollywood, Runner Runner, Show Me The Skyline, Boys Will Be Boys, and The Icarus Account. They are all amazing bands full of amazing people and you all should check them out. Also, I will be updating the upcoming album list I posted last week. I made it easily linked to also in the right hand column.

After I get home, I hope to do a few more articles. Then school starts. From there I might not be able to do an article a day. I will continue to do the best I can. I hope to reintroduce the cover song articles soon. I totally ran out of ones to write about so any suggestions are definitely appreciated and will be noted in the review.

Finally, I'd like to thank some individual people that have helped me so far. Andy for attempting to work on the layout. Megan for making the banner (and much much more). Jason from Girls Get All The Action for being a big inspiration to the creation of this blog. All the people from that have totally bashed me for writing but at the same time have inspired me to go on longer. My three (four?) chatbox fangirls that always bring me both entertainment and annoyance. All my friends for helping me advertise and for giving me a big start. And my family, especially my mom for giving me this idea and would never have been made without it.

- Casey


  1. Yay for the chatbox fangirls! =D

  2. Haha, to tell you the truth I'm not sure how many of us there are either. xD

    That and a few of us are actually "fanboys" as some call it.

  3. Hey Anonymous, are you Tom, Bill, Rhapsody, or Gustav...or none of the above? (dundundun)