Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Fascination Brief Review - Breathe Carolina

01 - Hello Fascination
02 - I'm The Type Of Person to Take It Personal
03 - Take Me To Infinity
04 - Dressed Up to Undress
05 - I.D.G.A.F
06 - Welcome To Savannah
07 - I Have to Go Return Some Video Tapes
08 - The Dressing Room
09 - Tripped and Fell in Portland
10 - Can I Take You Home
11 - My Obsession
12 - Velvet
13 - Rescue

I've already talked about Hello Fascination, so here's what I said earlier. The title track of the new Breathe Carolina CD, Hello Fascination, is much different than songs such as Birds and the Bees, Diamonds, and the cover of See You Again. There's definitely more guitar than I am used to in a BC track. It begins off sounding like a hardcore song and goes back into hardcore mode at several points during the song. I also have to admit that their vocals in the song sound similarly to The Used. I'll probably get shunned from the music world for that comment, but oh well. BC seems like they are trying to separate themselves from the other "shunned" bands of the crunkcore world. Fearless is definitely doing a good job with BC.

However, the next track I'm The Kind Of Person To Take It Personal brings them back to their old lousy self. Nothing about the song stands out. The back and forth clean vocals and screaming do nothing for me in this song. Take Me To Infinity starts catchy but gets extremely monotonous after a while. Dressed Up To Undress finally is a song I can listen to. It almost sounds like a pop song at the beginning. The beats are extremely catchy and fun. The chorus is pretty good, although not great. The bridge sounds like 3oh!3 made beats for them. There is basically no screaming throughout the whole song. While not great, it's listenable.

The next song is hard to describe. It's called I.D.G.A.F. If you don't know what that means, you shouldn't be listening to this band. The first listen through this song made my lips drop on how bad the chorus was. I still think it's bad, but it stood out to me. If a part of a song stands out this much, there must be something to it. I'll admit it's semi catchy. And about 10 minutes from now I'll slap myself for saying that. Now, before I give myself more reasons to scold myself...

Welcome To Savannah comes on next. This song is great. The chorus is extremely catchy and the screaming as backup vocals definitely brings the vocals out. It sounds nothing like BC's old songs. Which is a good thing since I only liked one or two of them. The beginning of I Have To Go Return Some Video Tapes almost stopped me from listening to it. I'm glad I took time to time to listen through that part. It still isn't a great song, but it's decent instead of horrid. The second half of the first verse is a screaming/singing part while the chorus is definitely pretty good. The verses after the first are also much better than the intro.

The Dressing Room is another song with a good chorus and decent verses. The beats definitely sound like something from their first album. However, the chorus flows extremely well and is extremely catchy. Tripped And Fell In Portland is something totally new for BC. It sounds like a hardcore song at the beginning. There's as little electronica as you can imagine in a BC song. The screaming part isn't great in this song and could definitely have been done better. The chorus is great as well. This is a song that is a huge surprise for the band. I've even heard people praising this song. Well...more than usual for BC.

Can I Take You Home is one of the best songs on the album. However, the best hasn't come yet. The beats are great and the chorus is even better. This is another song in which BC sounds nothing like their past style. My Obsession is a strange song. The beats in the verses sound like it was made from kitchen utensils. The chorus is pretty good, but still nothing special. Of course, it leads up to...

Velvet. Easily the best song on the album. The beats are upbeat and strangely addictive. The chorus has been stuck in my head for days. The lyrics flow perfectly together and are full of intensity. This is probably the most intense song I have heard by BC. The lyrics aren't great, but the song is just too darn catchy. The album then ends on Rescue. Not a great song. The lyrics sound like chants. Breathe Carolina shouldn't attempt to do a slow song. It's not part of their style. At all.

Overall, this album is decent. It reminds me of the Cobra album in my opinion of it. There's a few songs I like, but most of the album isn't special at all. However, Velvet makes the album go up more than a few points. The album comes out in two and a half hours. It will be released on myspace at midnight HERE.

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